Posts from 2017

Posts from 2016

TIL Roundup #1

Recently at work we started a new Slack channel called #TIL inspired by this post by Brendan Seerup. The idea is to share anything you have learned today. It could be a small code snippet, brief …

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Posts from 2015

AngularJS channels

Whilst beginning development on a new project, I was having trouble trying to find a clean way of managing service events, which caused difficulties in deciding where state change calls should go. …

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A year of Japanese

The deeper I get into learning Japanese, I find the concept of learning a language fascinating. Up until a year ago, English was the only language I knew.. Being a Software Developer, I am used to …

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Posts from 2013

Go: A breath of fresh air

I’ve been experimenting with Go on and off for the past couple of weeks. I come from a Web Development background but C has always been my language of choice for pet projects as I like the …

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Vim CtrlP behaviour with Unite

When I first found out about the popular CtrlP plug-in, I found myself using it constantly. Being able to switch between the document I had in my head was increasingly faster than traditional methods …

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Reservoir sampling in PHP

On a recent project I needed to take a random sample of items from a large data source that was too big to contain in memory. As the whole set of data couldn’t be kept in memory, usual sampling …

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Posts from 2012

Inspirational Slump

I’m finding myself increasingly bored and disenchanted with all forms of modern technology and I’m not confident why. I have always loved creating and breaking things, learning how they work but …

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Fresh Site

I’ve spent the day working on this new site and putting some code on github and am quite happy how it turned out, it’s a one page template with partials for blog posts and is generated …

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Posts from 2011

Randomarks Chrome Extension

When I find something interesting but am feeling too lazy to look into it properly, I drag it into my bookmarks bar to look into at a later date. After a while, it gets pretty full (any relation to …

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Technical Debt

Coming from a freelance background where I set my own deadlines, it took some getting used to having to rush my unfinished,half-tested code. I recently purchased the book ‘97 Things Every …

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